Our founder Benjamin Binyaminov sold his first luxury timepiece a little over 9 years ago. The watch was an Omega Seamaster 300m Mid-Size 2561.80.00. From that moment Ben fell in love with luxury watches. He started to buy and sell watches to his friends and family. After seeing the joy this brought to those around him, he understood that many people shared his passion for luxury timepieces. This inspired Ben and he began selling his watches online where he has built an international track record for himself. Over the years, whether buying or selling, Ben has acquired thousands of different watches amongst many popular brands such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, etc. More often than not, Ben has noticed a similar trend amongst his clients, after conducting a few deals with repetitive clients, many of them wanted to see his entire line of high-end watches. Beyond seeing his line of watches, many are amazed by how meticulous Ben is in acquiring the exact watch they want if he does not have it on hand. After receiving countless requests, Ben has decided to form his company formally known as Big Ben Time Zone. His focus is simple, offer a quality service over everything else. He relies on the happiness of his customers to bring their friends and family to his online boutique.